Petritsch: „Man soll zur Sacharbeit zurückkommen“

In an interview with „Deutsche Welle“, the state broadcaster for foreign broadcasting of the Federal Republic of Germany and member of the ARD, the former EU Special Envoy for Kosovo, Wolfgang Petritsch, emphasizes the importance of an „internal Serbian dialogue“ and points to repudiations of the Republic of Kosovo in the area of Association of Communities for Serbian Majority Communities. Basically, Petritsch, who is also board member of our friendship society, calls both sides to return to the paperwork.

The interview in the wording:

The Austrian diplomat Wolfgang Petritsch was Austria’s ambassador to Belgrade from 1997 to 1999, EU special envoy to Kosovo and EU chief negotiator for the Kosovo peace negotiations in Rambouillet. Later, from 1999 to 2002, as High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina, he was responsible for the civil implementation of the Dayton Bosnia Peace Treaty.

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